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Swimming Pool & Spa Maintenance

Our most popular package is the Prestige Package, which represents exceptional value for money, starting at 9,225 AED . It includes 3  times / week Regular pool cleaning , Included Mechanical, electrical, plumbing system checking &  consumables, chemicals and up to AED 500  for spare parts*. If you order online, register your credit card with EFM and use it to pay for the full year, we will even give you an Prestige Package customer, you will always get the premier treatment.

Swimming Pool & Spa Maintenance  include :

o Swimming Pool cleaning, lab testing,.
o Swimming Pool MEP maintenance.
o Consumables & Chemicals

Scope of Work

  • Checking the PH and chlorine levels and maintaining it to the standard reading.
  • Cleaning and vacuuming the pool floor from debris and other staff.
  • Supplying chemicals as necessary and whenever required.
  • Cleaning the surface of the pool. 
  • Replacement of the fused bulbs inside the pool (parts are chargeable).
  • Inspect the water level in the surge to avoid any leakage.
  • Checking the function of the pumps and filters and other mechanical parts in the pump room.
  • Carrying out the backwashing process inside the pump room.
  • Checking the filter pressure reading.
  • Replacing the sand in the filter whenever is required.
  • Checking the function or the sump pump.
  • Cleaning of the swimming pool pump room.
  •    Regular pool cleaning
  •    Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing System
  •    consumables and chemicals
  •    Spare Parts
  •    Water Testing & Lab Test

Elite Package

AED 7,700/ week
  • 2 times / week
  • Included
  • Included except lights
  • Up to AED 200 (one time only)

Prestige Package

AED 9,225/ week
  • 3 times / week
  • Included
  • Included except lights
  • Up to AED 500 (one time only)
  • (every six months )

Welcome Package

AED 7,500/ week
  • 2 times / week
  • Included
  • Included except lights
  • chargeable
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