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MEP Systems

Our most popular package is the Prestige Package, which represents exceptional value for money, starting at 15,875 AED . It includes unlimited Breakdown Calls , 4 times annual preventative Maintenance and up to AED 500 for spare parts*. If you order online, register your credit card with EFM and use it to pay for the full year, we will even give you an Prestige Package customer, you will always get the premier treatment.

MEP Systems includes :
o preventive maintenance, emergencies, call-outs, spare parts
o Water tank cleaning; + lab certificates
o Installation of kitchen appliances
o Fire extinguishers testing & refilling
o Grease trap cleaning
o Garage door

Scope of Work

  • Frequency according to packag.
  • Maintenance of the chillers.
  • Maintenance of the FCU inside the villa.
  • Checking the reading of the chilled water and adding chemicals whenever is required. 
  • Maintenance of the chiller dozing unit.
  • Inspection of the chiller water pipe and insulations.
  • Checking and Inspection the extracts fans in the villa and report for the noise.
  • Cleaning of the sand trap for the fresh air system.
  • Maintenance and checking of the domestic water booster pumps and pressure tanks.
  • Maintenance and checking of irrigation pumps, and systems.
  • Maintenance and checking of water feature pumps and filters.
  • Maintenance and checking of the   swimming pool system. Pumps. Filters, sump pump and others.
  • Maintenance and checking of the water heater/chiller for the swimming pool (if available).
  • SMaintenance and checking of   the sump pit pumps in the basement. 
  • Maintenance of the domestic water float valve.
  • Maintenance Of external and Internal DBs and MDB panels.
  • Checking the function of the water heaters.
  • Inspecting of the garage door system.
  • Checking and Inspection of all mechanical valves.
  • Inspection of the storm water system.
  •    Preventive Maintenance
  •    Breakdown Calls
  •    Consumables
  •    Spare Parts
  •    Garage Door Maintenance
  •    Water Tank Cleaning + lab testing
  •    Irrigation Tank Cleaning
  •    Fire Extinguishers testing & refilling
  •    Grease Trap Cleaning
  •    installation of kitchen appliances

Elite Package

AED 9,636/ year
  • 3 times / year
  • 4 call outs/month
  • Included except lights
  • Up to AED 200 (one time only)
  • (once per year)

Prestige Package

AED 15,875/ year
  • 4 times / year
  • Unlimited
  • Included except lights
  • Up to AED 500 (one time only)
  • (once per year)
  • (once per year)
  • (once per year)
  • (once per year)

Welcome Package

AED 8,330/ year
  • 2 times / year
  • 3 call outs/month
  • Included except lights
  • chargeable
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