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Home Automation Systems

Our most popular package is the Prestige Package, which represents exceptional value for money, starting at 7150 AED . It includes 6 times/year Breakdown Calls , 4 times annual preventative Maintenance and chargeable for spare parts*. If you order online, register your credit card with EFM and use it to pay for the full year, we will even give you an Prestige Package customer, you will always get the premier treatment.

Home Automation Systems includes :

o Panels, screens, interlock, wireless AP, utilities and curtain control.
o Security systems; CCTV, sensors, access control.
o Lighting systems, peripheral devices, and A/V systems; switches, speakers, controllers, wiring,..

Scope of Work

  • Quarterly checks and maintenance. For all the parts under the home Automation system.
  • Carry out manufacture’s maintenance procedures, i.e. perform diagnostic tasks where appropriate.
  • Check all cables and connectors.
  • Software are fully backed-up if any age e.g. sensor calibration off- sets etc. 
  • On Time and on Budget
  • Check from the Touch screen all controllers. 
  • Check space temperatures at start of occupancy and time set points achieved. Adjust parameters if necessary
  • Central software and overall control philosophy. 
  • Submit a quarterly service report of the Home Automation System performance to the appointed facilities manager/client as required.

Parts under the Home Automation System

  • Lighting Control System

    • Lighting control panel
    • Lighting control switches
    • Occupancy sensors

  • Home automation System

    • Home automation panel
    • Touch screen
    • Video door phone
    • Wireless access point
    • Table PC
    • Utility control system
    • Curtain control
    • Home data server
    • Security System
    • Security panel
    • Motion sensors door contact, cameras
    • Wireless security devices

  • Audio Video System

    • A/V switcher
    • A/V keypad
    • Speakers
    • Remote control

  • Peripheral Devices / Field Equipment

    • Inspect clean and check calibration of all sensors and instruments
    • Check power and control wiring connections control devices.
    • Check condition and operation of all on/off devices e.g. thermostats.

  •    Preventive Maintenance
  •    Breakdown Calls
  •    Spare Parts

Elite Package

AED 6,500/ year
  • 4 times / year
  • 4 times / year
  • chargeable

Prestige Package

AED 7,150/ year
  • 4 times / year
  • 6 times / year
  • chargeable

Welcome Package

AED 5,850/ year
  • 4 times / year
  • 2 times / year
  • chargeable
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